About Us

Cedar Mobility's Mission Statement

To convene and create a standard of best practices for organizations in the transportation and logistics industry through the provision of mobility management, comprehensive training, and state of the art fleet maintenance.

About Cedar Mobility

Cedar Mobility is the wedding of necessity and opportunism. Our Mobility Management Platform was born out of lessons learned from over 15 years spent operating the largest NEMT/paratransit provider in New York State in parallel with one of the country’s largest transportation management software providers. The current operating model for mobility management is broken, lacking the resources, technology, and collaboration needed to be viable in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Cedar Mobility has developed the Cedar Mobility Network, which provides a suite of features to support both users and providers of transportation and logistics. As with any network, the strength lies within the infrastructure provided and its users. Cedar Mobility brings sophisticated technology solutions for transporters, cutting edge route optimization tools, route collaboration, and streamlined medical billing software to provide immediate value for all users.

Beyond the tools we offer to providers and users of transportation and logistics, Cedar Mobility was created as a model to support the communities in which we work and live. A commitment to social responsibility is a core tenant of Cedar Mobility’s mission, starting with focusing on job training and employment education and opportunities. Cedar Mobility has successfully been awarded multiple grants worth millions of dollars to support its efforts.

benefits for transportation providers

Cedar Mobility offers transportation providers the tools needed to provide the highest quality of service for their customers while decreasing the amount of time needed to run their operations successfully. Such tools include Routing Box, the premiere routing, dispatching, and billing software for paratransit providers; ClientLink, our passenger facing application, brings the on-demand trip experience right to passengers; and Tetriq, our resource optimization software which provides the highest degree of flexibility when facing resource constraints.

Cedar Mobility does not stop at providing tools for transporters. We also aggregate demand for your services.

benefits for transportation users

Cedar Mobility has developed an end-to-end transportation solution, all powered by our existing operating platform. The benefits for users are numerous, from more efficient operations to in-vehicle and client-facing technology. The Cedar Mobility Network is supported by a provider network of over 500 transporters across 38 states. What does this all mean for our customers? It means that the cost of transportation decreases, while the level of quality increases, whether through an insourced transportation model, which is augmented by state-of-the-art technology, or through an outsourced model that truly unlocks the full benefits of the Cedar Mobility Network.

With an outsourced model, Cedar Mobility can facilitate collaboration amongst agencies that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of all parties’ transportation needs. This is accomplished through centralized scheduling, computer-aided route optimization, reduced manual labor, and the use of in-vehicle and client-facing technology.

benefits for the community


Based in one of the Buffalo region’s lower-income communities, our firm has carried the responsibility to our neighbors through job training, access to employment opportunities, and a commitment to leaving the area better than when we found it. Cedar Mobility donates and uses a large portion of its profits toward improving the lives of others in need through training and employment.