Training & Development

Investing in Talent

Cedar Mobility believes that people are any company’s greatest asset. Cedar Mobility specializes in Training and Development Services, where it either provides a full training and development solution for our clients or acts as a best practices consultant to help our clients develop their protocols.

This process begins with outreach programs for our neighbors in the community, specifically those who are underemployed, underrepresented, and underserved. Our goal is to provide a pathway for individuals to obtain not only meaningful work but also a career. With the addition of logistics and e-commerce work, we now have new paths for career progression within our company.

Cedar Mobility focuses on the following core areas in its Development Program:

Trained Drivers and Aides
Our unique training model is the only one of its kind in its field. Our team of trainers has created a custom curriculum so that in addition to basic CDL training, our drivers are specially trained to handle any situation and all types of clientele. This training goes far beyond that of our competition and includes advanced preparation for passengers with disabilities to meet the stringent OPWDD and NYS Justice Center standards.

Prior to performing drug & alcohol testing and 19A certification, applicants are funneled through the process of applicant screening and criminal history record checks.

Applicant Screening:
Applicants undergo the following steps before being considered for employment:

  • Review of Driving Abstract to ensure valid, clean license
  • Review of past employment, especially any prior Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) driving history
  • References on prior employment
  • Interview
  • Evaluation by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles 19A-Certified Examiner

Criminal History Record Check:
A criminal history record check is conducted by submitting fingerprints to the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and the FBI. Their regulations require a statement by the applicant indicating whether he/she has ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony in any jurisdiction, and whether there are any pending criminal charges against the applicant.

Drug Testing:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Random: This unannounced testing is based on a random selection of drivers and aides. The selection must be made by a scientifically valid method and all drivers/aides covered by this rule must have an equal chance of being tested. Every driver/aide’s name that is selected for testing must be returned to the selection pool so that all drivers and aides have an equal chance of being selected at any time. Random alcohol testing is also required by the DOT.

19A Driver Certification:
Cedar Mobility employs several 19A-Certified Examiners to ensure compliance with DOT & Department of Motor Vehicles qualification standards for drivers. 19A-Certified Examiners’ responsibilities include mandatory testing and evaluation of drivers as required by the biennial written/oral examination, as well as the biennial behind-the-wheel road test, the annual defensive driving performance procedures and Driver Abstract review.

At Cedar Mobility, we hold the training of our employees and the safety of your passengers as mission-critical to our success. The following is a matrix of training (including training frequency) that our employees undergo to ensure the highest levels of awareness, sensitivity, and service quality possible.